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How to Decode Human Potential

We are in a period of unprecedented disruption to the job market, where millions of employees are unhappy with their work while many enterprises rely on backward looking and resume-centric hiring practices. But knowing as much about a candidate's predictable behaviors can often be as important as skills and work experience. PeplWorks brings the tools to identify and discover the innate talent, mental agility, leadership and stress management attributes required to make right-fit hiring decisions. Improve your company’s business performance. Let our technologies work for you.

Predicting the right
employment candidate is critical


Getting an early read on the total candidate: their hard skills, cognitive abilities, innate talents, emotional intelligence and social compatibility, all combined with a like mindedness for an organization’s culture, requires a more behavioral-oriented approach to recruitment. Doing so can increase employee retention and opportunity, improve productivity, and increase profitability.

  • 71% Mlllennials Unhappy With Their Jobs
  • $30.5 Billion Annual Cost Of Bad Hires.
  • 6.1 Million U.S. Quits Per Month

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